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Vanilla Bean APP

A nice meeting with friends, shopping and walking, then eat something delicious and healthy. Vegan and best healthy and gluten-free, organic and perfect would also be regional. Today’s “vegan” or “half-vegan” is demanding and well informed. In the mobile age yes no problem, we unpack the cell phones and search on it loose. All look into the cell phone and have different info. One restaurant is always closed on Mondays, the other only between 15:00 and online is something else. Who does not know this game? The best situations are then also those, if one has a friend, who is not necessarily vegan, but would be quite open. You want to impress him.

As of today, we can download the new app vanilla bean and go carefree. This app helps vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians find vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants nearby.

But equal vegan, seasonal, regional, raw, lactose- and gluten-free or organic? Yes, because vanilla bean also looks at over a thousand restaurants for sustainable criteria and shows, for example, the respective food offer of the restaurants also for people with food intolerances.

Everyone who wants to eat consciously and deliciously should keep this app handy in the future. With its focus on plant-based cuisine and references to regional ingredients, the app helps people eat out in a more environmentally conscious and flexible way. What sets the app apart from others is clearly the simplicity, design and service.

App users can provide reviews, add restaurant and menu images, and share newly discovered restaurants via Facebook. With the self-explanatory restaurant traffic light, users can see at a glance what the location of their choice pays special attention to.

Descriptions, route function, opening hours and other info make the user happy and round off the concept. vanilla bean is also continuously tested and further developed in application mode. This ensures that the content is always up to date and reliable. Regular technical updates guarantee the best search results and this is something that will surely make many “veggies” very happy.
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