Gonutss allows you to find plant-based alternatives to animal foods or their components. You can use filters to simplify your search if you wish, e.g. to find products labelled FairTrade or sugar-free. In addition, the protein calculator will help you calculate how many protein-rich substitutes you will need to replace animal sources and what they should be.

Gonutss includes hundreds of vegan products, recipes and raw materials. gonutss is for everybody: vegans, vegetarians and the curious.


  • Search for non-vegan food to find vegan alternatives – recipes, ingredients and products you can buy.
  • The Veganpedia – a resource to learn all about awesome vegan raw materials.
  • Filter by: Fair Trade, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Peanut Free, Raw, Soy Free, Sugar Free, Tree Nut Free.
  • Baking calculator – go egg-free with our baking calculator.
  • Protein calculator – work out and be fit with our protein calculator.
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