Food Tripping


The app will appeal to avid travelers, because it is based on a map search, and therefore will help to find in their area those places where you can eat vegetarian, vegan and just those who prefer healthy food. Different colors on the map indicate stores of farm products, restaurants with healthy meals, establishments with fresh juices and smoothies, cafes for vegans, etc. The advantage of the app is that each user can share his experience and add familiar establishments to the map.

Food Tripping has done a lot of the work, but we need you, the user, to share the many hidden gems and add to the options we’ve supplied. Be a part of the community we’re building on the shift toward a healthier, tastier food future. And with the new updates, there are five times as many places to discover. Updates also feature a sign in option to join the community, and the ability to create your own Food Trips, (up to 10 locations each), and share them with others on Facebook, text, or email.


  • Discover healthy, sustainable food options near you or in the place you’re traveling to.
  • Search by location, name, popularity, and category.
  • Track the places you’ve been to and mark your favorite spots to come back later.
  • New sign in to the app to share Food Trips with friends.
  • Create your own Food Trips with up to 10 locations and share them.
  • View contact details for each location.
  • Suggest new businesses offering healthy, local, sustainable fare.
  • Share the places you discover with your friends on Facebook, text, and email.
  • Connect with SHFT to learn more about living a conscious lifestyle.
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