CosmEthics. Detect Vegan Cosmetics via APP

CosmEthics app

If you not only eat a vegan diet, but also make sure that cosmetics do not contain any animal ingredients or that animals have to suffer for the production (animal testing), the search for the right care and cosmetic products is not that easy. Quite new and also helpful is the “CosmEthics” app, which is available free of charge for the iPhone and Android devices.

Cheap ingredients

Of course, the app name “CosmEthics” is not spelled exactly like that by accident. The app is intended to help people understand what ingredients are in cosmetics. Once you know that, you certainly don’t want to let some of them on your skin and hair. Especially conventional cosmetic products contain lots of harmful chemicals and consist mainly of cheap ingredients, often petroleum-based. Many people simply also react allergic to certain substances, especially for them it is important that they find alternative products without these ingredients. The “CosmEthics” app is designed to help with exactly that: Identify these substances and suggest alternatives.

Create your own profile

You can either scan products or find them using the search function. The app then offers you the opportunity to take a close look at all the ingredients and even get detailed information on them. Of course, this alone would still not save you the trouble of studying the usually extensive list of ingredients. Therefore, the makers of the app have come up with something really great: You can create a profile and save there which substances have an allergenic effect on you or which you would simply have to do without on principle (e.g. plastic or aluminum). In addition, and that’s why I want to introduce the app today, you can set to be warned if a product is not vegan. This means that all products set have also been checked to that effect.

In practice, you can now search for products and then get either a green tick or an alert (alarm), which you can then look at more closely. For example, you can also search for manufacturers, get all the matching products stored in the app and see at a glance which products are suitable for you. You also have the option to further develop the app by scanning products that are not yet listed.

Conclusion: CosmEthics is a really helpful app that is also free of charge. Especially the possibility to create your own profile is the strength of the app. It will certainly be developed further in the future and contain even more products. However, there is one small drawback, but the app can’t help that: You can see whether a product is vegan, i.e. does not contain any animal ingredients, but unfortunately that doesn’t say anything about whether the product has been tested on animals. Basically, I would like to recommend you personally to use organic cosmetics, because they contain much more sustainable and healthier ingredients.
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