Veggie Bottoms now free

Veggie Bottoms is now free

Good news for all you Veggie Bottoms fans! The full Veggie Bottoms app is now completely free for you to download and enjoy. Gus Asparagus, Thomas P. Coconut, Georgia Beet, Plato Tomato, and more are all available for you to download FREE on the App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Store!

But wait… there’s more (bottoms)!

We’re pleased to welcome two brand new members of the Veggie Bottoms family – Fiona G. Apple and Russ “Burbank” Potato! Fiona is shiny and green with a spotted, healthy bottom and Russ is packed with potassium and covered in eyes! They’re looking forward to meeting you so be sure and download the Veggie Bottoms update today and leave us a rating or review. Thanks!

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