Madam Morel Mushroom

The Mysterious Case of Madam Morel

There are limitless fruits and veggies out there – each with the potential to become a great Veggie Bottoms character.

But… Did you ever wonder about the Veggie Bottoms that didn’t make the cut?

As we continue to add characters to the Veggie Bottoms family, who knows? Characters like Pablo Garbanzo or Ava Avocado or Russ Burbank Potato may come to life! In the meantime, let’s look back and examine the mysterious case of Madam Morel – a fortune telling mushroom that never made it to the small screen. Until now.

A mushroom character is a natural. They’re healthy, they’re readily available, and there are so many varieties – so many different shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. At one point, we decided on a fortune telling mushroom by the name of Madam Morel. When you tapped the crystal ball, she would give you a healthy fortune: “You should eat more mushrooms!”, “Your shirt is on inside out…” Madam Morel went from sketch to color art but never quite made it to the final stages of art and character design. That doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of her! She might very well be telling fortunes in a future update. Who knows what the future will bring for Madam Morel? Hmm… I guess she does.

What do you think of a fortune telling mushroom? Perhaps you’d prefer a palm-reading artichoke? Or a tarot card reading taro root?

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