Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Coming Soon

The Official Release Day is Set!

It’s been a long road but the day has come where we can say with confidence that a release date has been set. On April 7th, 2016, we will release the follow up app to our award winning Veggie Bottoms called Veggie Bottoms Kitchen. We hope that this new experience will bring parents and kids together in the kitchen for some fun family time and a good exercise in eating healthy. Hey, healthy cooking doesn’t have to be bland, boring or otherwise “icky” to use the parlance of our kids. It’s time to show them how.

“Awesome news!” You may say. “But how can I help?”

Well I’m glad you asked! Veggie Bottoms was our personal project – the initial step in creating an ecosystem that promoted healthy eating in ways that would be fun and entertaining for kids. Veggie Bottoms Kitchen was a logical next step and we’re excited to get it out there and get families cooking together. Our vision is filled with endless ideas for more recipes, more books, more games and the creation of a central community. But to bring this vision to fruition, we need help getting notoriety through good ol’ word of mouth. It takes a lot to compete (or even be seen) in the App Store these days so grassroots referrals help immensely. If you know someone who would like this app, spread the word! Like the app? Maybe take a minute to rate us in the App Store or, even better, write a review. The more an app is rated and reviewed, the more it trends. The more it trends, the more it’s downloaded and so the cycle (hopefully) continues. The more popular it becomes, the freer we are to create new and exciting content! Simple, huh?

We thank our Veggie Bottoms community for supporting us and enjoying our content. Our dream is for a lot more to come. Want to be a part of the first wave of downloaders and get a personalized gift from Chef Monty? Click here to sign up for updates pre-launch. We promise we will not abuse any e-mail on the list.

Thank you all. We’ll see you in the kitchen (and the App Store) next Thursday, April 7th.

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