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AppPicker Review: Veggie Bottoms app review – Healthy eating in a fun way

Veggie Bottoms was recently a featured review on Check out the review below:

The Veggie Bottoms for iPad app is an educational app that talks about the importance of healthy eating and what healthy eating actually is. What makes this app a hit though is the fact that the information is presented in an engaging and kid-friendly way. This app has been specifically created for kids ages six through eight but don’t let that age range stop you from introducing it to younger children.


The Veggie Bottoms for iPad app features a collection of rather hilarious and cute characters – vegetables and fruits. These characters have one simple goal and that’s to teach your child about making healthy eating choices. The app has been made to be kid-friendly so they can play on their own but don’t be afraid to use this with younger children and just discuss the content together. The app is an interactive experience that is sure to capture the attention of kids right away.


Once you download the app all the content is available, so you won’t have to worry about any in-app purchases. There are no ads, and no links which means this is a safe environment for kids to play and learn. This one currently has a perfect five star rating from users and was made to be compatible with iOS 8 just a few months ago.

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