Learning about fruits and vegetables and healthy eating is fun with Veggie Bottoms – An original, FREE educational app for kids featuring a family of interactive, animated fruit and veggie cartoon characters. Veggie Bottoms is written, illustrated and produced by Red Card Studios and is available now on the Apple App Store for both iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Marketplace.

Swipe open the peapod to learn about the health benefits of snap peas from The Snap Brothers! Give Thomas P. Coconut a shake to teach your children about coconut water! Slide Kent Blueberry around the screen and go up, up and away with this ‘super fruit’! With over 15 different fruits and vegetables to interact with, boys and girls will love playing with Veggie Bottoms.

Veggie Bottoms is partnered with the fantastic folks at the Fruits & Veggies More Matters initiative who love fruits and veggies almost as much as we do!

Parents Note: Veggie Bottoms contains no in-app advertisements, and contains no in-app purchases.

Need a free kitchen timer or measurement converter?

We’ve got you covered there as well! Download the Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Helper here for free – Available for iPhone, iPad and all your Android devices.